Student Accommodation Overview

Reasons abound for parents sending their children away from home for education. Whatever the reason, it is vital that each student at our boarding school is provided with a rich environment that will enhance them. At Unique Heights, the Hostel (dormitories) premises have been designed to provide such an environment; give them a chance to attain maturity. We've created different activities to assist the individual in becoming responsible. The environment encourages a strong sense of 'friendship', and brotherly love.

Unique Heights Hostels (Boys and Girls) welcomes students from age 10 and above. Junior School students in the student accommodation are housed separately. All rooms are befittingly furnished, with emphasis on comfort and security. There are indoor games as well as Video/TV facilities in the common room for relaxation. However, life in the hostel is strictly monitored by house parents who are compassionate, yet firm. Each house parent is assisted by house masters and house mistresses. Boarding students are expected to follow a routine of scheduled activities including siesta, prep and recreation. It is imperative that they obey all the boarding house rules.

Each student is assigned a specific task to handle in the Hostel. These tasks are known as 'students jobs'. Students are given these jobs in order to prepare them for living at the College (University) level. It imbibes in them a sense of responsibility, independence, and teamwork (some of the jobs require more than a single student). This in fact prepares them for the challenges of life in the future, offering them the opportunity view it first hand.

On Sundays, students are taken to places of worship, Anglicans, Catholics and Pentecostals all have opportunities to worship in a Church of their denomination. Muslims worship on Fridays. The hostel is open to students of different faith and no one is compelled to follow any particular form of worship. Accordingly, any one who desires to stay away from services on account of her faith will be permitted to do so.


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