Our Curriculum

Unique Children School

Unique Children School is a multicultural School with children from all ethnic groups within and outside Nigeria. The School operates a Nigerian curriculum, blended with British undertaking examination set by National Examination Council [NECO] and Cambridge International Primary Programme [CIPP].

Laying a sound foundation for excellence achievement in the future is our core aim. To achieve this , the three domains of Education –Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor domain are emphasized towards producing a whole child. Excellent and personalised methods of instruction are employed to make our pupils unique among their peers. U. C. S Curriculum is divided into components of academic excellence, co-curricula activities and standard moral values to bring out the best in our pupils.

Organisation of Learning

Pre-School [18months-5yrs]

In our pre-school, the Montessori method of instruction is committed to serving all children of all religious and ethnic background between the ages of 18month-5years. We adopt the basic Montessori philosophy incorporating art, music, dance ,aerobics, I.C.T, Etiquette, Diction and outdoor activities. Appropriate instructional materials and tools are used to arouse and stimulate the interest of learners and make learning permanent in them. At age 5, pupils of U.C.S are able to read newspapers without any hindrance.

Unique Heights Secondary School

We are very conscious at Unique Group of the need to equip our pupils with knowledge and skills that will not only help them pass into public schools at Common Entrance or Scholarship level, but will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. The broad curriculum here reflects this aim.

Art, ICT, Music, Drama and Sports are taught by specialists from the age of six and are included in every year's timetable, as are English, Mathematics, Social studies and Religious Studies.

Children are encouraged to consider matters of faith through a variety of formal and informal events. Morning assemblies and Sunday services are held respectively. Science is an important subject for all as well as Chemistry Physics and Biology, which are taught in modern, well-equipped laboratories. Children are also encouraged to use the well-stocked libraries both for their work and leisure.

The social, mental and emotional development of each child is as important to us as their academic progress. The School's simple-to-follow `Code of Behaviour', devised by the pupils reflects this belief. A Personal, Social and Health Education course provokes lively discussions and is supplemented by visits from outside speakers.

While the academic curriculum is designed to educate pupils to the highest possible standard, we recognise that educational needs and natural talents vary and we take great care to treat every child as an individual. Specialist Learning Support is available for pupils with Dyslexia or similar problems.

Elements of Information and Communication Technology are incorporated in the work of most subjects and there is also a lesson dedicated to the formal acquisition of ICT skills in the modern computer suites with their networked PCs.


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