Pre School

At Unique we provide a conducive ambience for learning managed by very competent, vastly experienced, highly motivated and fully dedicated staff.
We are committed to the development of a total child and discovering the innate abilities of every child at their formative years. We then move to deploy our robust tradition of excellence to work on every child to help them attain excellence in the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domains.

Eat / Sleep/ Learn through Play

Our Pre –School stage begins with Kindergarten; with children ages ranging from 18months. The classrooms are designed to ensure a smooth transition from home to school.

Children spend four years in Pre – School that starts with Kindergarten, Reception, Pre-School 1 and runs through Pre – School 2. Facilities are provided for the children to have lots of fun while learning; whilst caring for their physical needs. 
Our comfortable character beds; ensure that children can get their naps when they need them. Through the use of Didactic Montessori instructional materials, with well researched and tested methods, we are able to get them to write the first set of numbers and letters within weeks.

At the end of the session, a rock solid foundation has been laid for an excellent UNIQUE education. . By the time the average child enters into Year One, the Quantitative, Scientific, Artistic, Linguistic and Communications competences of the child has been considerably developed. This is evident in the ability of the child to read any write up fluently and solve basic sums.
To ascertain the attainment of this goal, competency tests are administered and every child completes his/her tasks independently. It should be noted that at this stage, children are trained to excel in all the areas above. When the child is to make a choice of career, it is the interest of the child that determines what discipline he/she chooses.

Class Age
Year 1 6
Year 2 7
Year 3 8
Year 4 9
Year 5 & 6 10


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